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Bailey’s Fine Jewelry Works with Artco Group for New 4,500-Sq.-Ft. Cary, NC Store

Cary, NC--Bailey's Fine Jewelry has opened a new, 4,500-sq.-ft. store in the Fenton Shopping Center. Artco Group was contracted for the store's showcases and worked with the Bailey's team in creating the full store environment, according to Artco principal Mickey Miñagorri. (photos courtesy of Bailey's and Artco Group)

Miñagorri explained the project to The Centurion: "If you look at the entire store and environment, you see that everything works perfectly together. It’s a very modern and interactive store, that is easy to navigate.

"Each area is designed to showcase a specific category of products, giving the customer a very clear understanding of each part of the store. The openness and airy feel of having open cases below makes the store feel clean and not heavy. The curved line of showcases allow for a much softer and sexy feel, which the customers really like"

"In addition we also added circular islands throughout along with free-standing, side-by-side display cases, allowing for a great customer experience"

I absolutely loved working with the entire Artco Team, Everyone went above and beyond to help make the vision of creating a new Bailey’s store come true! The entire team at Artco are amazing; they truly treat you like family. It was a Fabulous experience working with them.

Blair Dickens Jones - Bailey's Head of Operations and New Projects Development

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