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    For more than 30 years, we at Artco Group Inc. have diligently worked to perfect our product and services with a great deal of enthusiasm, integrity, and professionalism. This passion and commitment to excellence is clearly reflected in our proficiencies and ability to provide for the needs of new and existing customers. Dispensary Design and Fixtures is an extension of Artco Group Inc. based in Miami, Florida.

   With the legalization of medical marijuana we see an opportunity to design and build within this new and growing industry. We have over 100 dedicated and highly skilled professionals; amongst them architects, interior designers, manufacturers and expert installers. Our experienced team understands that every element and detail are extensions of your store. Dispensary Design and Fixtures will make your store atmosphere functional, comfortable and inviting while customizing the best shopping experience for your customers.

“A new way of thinking & feeling
about Dispensaries”


Shop Drawings

Design & Manufacturing

Engineering Team

Material Specialist

Fabrication and Fixtures

Shipping Coordination

Professional Installation Services

Cost Effective


"We are trailblazers in creating a positive change in peoples perception of dispensary environments. Dispensary Design and Fixtures offers you superior quality and craftsmanship."

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