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We are Store Planners, Designers, Manufacturers of Custom Millwork & Store Fixtures

Duty Free Stores
We specialize in:
Jewelry Stores
Personalized Stores 
Trade Show Booths
Specialty Stores 
Letter from the President

For more than 25 years Artco Group has diligently worked to perfect our services with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm. Our proficiencies reflect our strategic vision and ability to provide for the needs of new and existing clients with the right combination of innovation, design, manufacture, and final installation.

Based in Miami, Florida, Artco Group has a staff of more than 100 professionals operating from a 100,000-square-foot facility. Our company is made up of experts from a variety of backgrounds, including a skilled team of interior designers, architects, project managers, CAD operators, engineers, craftsmen, artisans, and installers; each with a tremendous understanding of the latest technology, which enables us to provide cost-effective workmanship at extremely high standards.

As our business expands both domestically and internationally, we are more committed than ever to delivering superior design and high-quality manufacturing. The following pages reflect the creative solutions that have become our signature and the processes that enable us to stay in complete control of our projects. We believe you will be every bit as impressed with our enterprise as we are proud to have created it.




- Dan Romeu
President and Founder
 (Stunt Double)
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